FIFA suspends Pakistan football over third party interference


World’s football governing body FIFA has once again suspended the membership of the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) over third-party interference.

FIFA issued a letter on Wednesday putting a suspension on Pakistan’s football until their Normalisation Committee (NC) gets complete charge of the PFF.

According to the Bureau of the FIFA Council, the interference by the third party constitutes a serious violation of article 16 of the FIFA Statutes.

It must be noted here that PFF’s elected president Syed Ashfaq Hussain and his team illegally took charge of PFF citing poor performance of FIFA-installed NC.

They claimed that NC has been failed to hold elections, which was their mandate, even after 19 months.

On the other hand, NC’s chairman Haroon Malik alleged Ashfaq and his men of forcefully taking charge of the PFF house and abusing them physically. Following the incident at the PFF, FIFA reacted and warned Ashraf to leave the house otherwise Pakistan could face international suspension once again.

After no response from the Ashfaq-led group, FIFA has now suspended Pakistan’s membership until their next congress meeting sits to further discuss this matter.

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