Every cloud has a silver lining…

That is what the Lemon Max’s ‘Lockdown Ke Side Effects’ web series is trying to convey. Starring the budding superstar Rabya Kulsoom, a hilarious Zain Afzal, and Alyaan, we have seen three webisodes from the series. Each episode has its unique storyline and poignant message told in a subtle and funny way.

Perhaps the most important aspect of these videos is that they are very relatable. They talk about the various problems we have faced during this coronavirus inflicted lockdown. So, for example, many of us spoilt people are realizing now how much work goes into maintaining a clean home. The dishes we use for our royals feasts, don’t wash themselves. And most of all, children require a lot of attention and nurturing. For some, this has come as a bit of a surprise, all due to the lockdown.

However, there are some positive aspects to it as well. For starters, many of us have learned to do house chores. Hard work is always a good thing. We have learned to appreciate what others did for us to make our lives comfortable and easy. There was always an appreciation, but perhaps now there even more empathetic understanding.

In a way, the series also presents a unique take on gender roles. The ever emotive Rabya Kulsoom in one of the episodes does a stellar job in outlining how tough it is to manage both the house and work. In his own topsy-turvy way, Zain Afzal tries to help her and is getting better each day. Plus, the series also points towards the fact that we have more time for each other by staying at home. Families are spending more time together, and that can only be a good thing.

In a way, Lemon Max’s Lockdown Ke Side Effects is reflecting our real life in a fun and exciting manner. The catchy music, the jaunty lyrics, full of energy, and life set design is just an addition to a basic message; cherish your loved ones.


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