Amidst the harrowing chronicles of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we’re in dire need of companies, brands and influencers to take responsibility and spread awareness amongst the masses. Hence, we’re always on the lookout for brands who actively take part being socially responsible, and as of late, Telenor Pakistan has caught our eye.

Since social distancing is still something all of us need to practice and a lot of us still need to be reminded of it, what’s better than being reminded by your phone – something that is always around you, if not in your hand? And that is exactly the kind of strategy Telenor has opted for.

This time around, the brand has decided to change the name of its network bar that is displayed at the top of our phones to “Stay Home” which not only urges people to stay quarantined but also reminds them to do so, time and again. Talk about making the best of technology once again!

This valuable feature is yet to be rolled out on all phones that use Telenor, so if you aren’t seeing it yet, fret not. You will soon be encouraged by Telenor to put health and safety first, be it yours or of those around you, as this feature will be rolled out to the whole customer base of 46million+ Telenor users across the country.

In addition to this, the brand is also actively playing its role in spreading awareness about the pandemic through its trending hashtag – #TelenorSaathHai. We came across some heartwarming tweets of users who are absolutely delighted to see the ‘Stay Home’ message on their phones that you definitely need to see.

Well, this definitely tells us that this brand isn’t all concerned with raking it in, it actually cares about its customer base and the many lives that are being affected by this pandemic on a daily basis. Just something as minor as a reminder to stay home can act as a huge step in urging someone to save lives and keeping their safety a priority.

Kudos to Telenor for this brilliant initiative. We sincerely hope this will encourage other brands to think of socially responsible strategies and practically help its customers during these trying times.


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