Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz totally stole the show last night at the LUX Style Awards 2019, and not because of their achievements in the showbiz industry. Although Aziz managed to bag two awards, the real highlight of the event was when Hussain proposed to her in front of the whole crowd. The man proceeded to go down on one knee and everything, making it a dramatic sequence. Check it out!


In fact, Hussain went on to show his affection for his bride-to-be by showering her with kisses. And with this PDA round being caught on camera, the worst has been triggered in the local ghairat brigade. The whole shindig has caused havoc on social media, with people making memes over the intimate moment shared by the couple, to sending them hate for being ‘indecent’ in public.

A lot of people found it extremely cringeworthy, and left a warning for everyone else who hadn’t seen the video.

The couple is being compared to all kinds of things, particularly animals showering each other with kisses.


However, some even lent their support to the couple and called people out for bashing the two for no reason.

An interesting take was how Hussain completely stole Aziz’s thunder of winning two awards by proposing to her and stealing the limelight.

A lot of the hate is being directed towards Hussain solely.

All in all, this will be the most memorable moment of this year’s ceremony. Like we said, LSA always has something notable every year, and gives everyone something to talk about for months to come!


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