‘I haven’t left acting’ Hamza Ali Abbasi takes U-turn


Hamza Ali Abbasi hasn’t quit acting, in fact, he is working on two of his upcoming projects which will be released soon, the actor shared in a recent interview.

Abbasi, who announced to leave showbiz for Islam last year, while talking in Express Entertainment’s online Game Show said he had taken a long break and not left the showbiz altogether.

“I haven’t left acting. In fact, I am currently working on two projects. Hopefully, the two will see the light soon,” said Abbasi.

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“Last year, I decided to take a long break and not to leave showbiz completely. My statement was misconstrued, unfortunately,” he added.

It must be noted here that Abbasi shocked his fans by announcing to part ways with showbiz for religious reasons. “My perspective of life has been changed since I realised that I have to meet my God. With this realisation, what I decided to do is that I now wish to talk to people. I wish to spread the message,” he had said in his video.

The actor had further said he will only do the projects which will promote Islamic teachings and spread awareness related to the religion among the masses.


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