‘Indians always react against me working there’ Mahira


Mahira Khan thinks that Indians are ok with other Pakistani actors working on Indian platforms but not her.

In an interview with a local publication, Mahira said she doesn’t have any plans to work in Indian projects or platforms due to dual reaction by Indians.

“You can see that there are webseries being made right now as well. But, even when I do the smallest thing for an Indian channel, there’s such a reaction there. I don’t know why they’re okay with all other actors working in their TV shows and series, but not me. When there’s a reaction there, there’s a reaction here as well,” lamented the actor.

Mahira liked the Pakistani web-series Churails and Ek Jhooti Love Story on Zee5 and questioned why Pakistani actors are not allowed in India but the content is.

“I thought Churails was brilliant, as well as Ek Jhooti Si Love Story, but I wish we were making them for a platform that is here. Our movies cannot air over there, but our actors and series can be on their platforms?” asked Mahira.

It must be noted here that Mahira worked in her only Bollywood film Raees alongside Shahrukh Khan in 2017.

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