Once again, Hira Mani has an opinion that people feel was better off left unsaid. If you’ve been keeping up with the local news, you’d know how big of a frenzy Dua Zehra’s case has sparked throughout the nation. After months of back and forth, the young girl who is allegedly a victim of kidnapping and child marriage, is finally on her way to her parents. And upon this news, the actress feels she should not be separated from Zaheer, her supposed ‘husband’ in the case, and the alleged kidnapper.

Taking to her Instagram stories, Mani wrote: “Main chahti hun kay Dua Zehra or Zaheer kabhi alag na houn! Allah tala meri ye dua zaroor sunienge.” (I wish that Dua Zehra and Zaheer are never separated. Allah will listen to this prayer of mine.)

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Following this take, hoards of people commented how insensitive of a take this was, and how much Mani needs to be educated on this matter, while also pointing out how she always has problematic things to say.

Some brought up how the actress has previously been supportive of cheaters (when she shared how she married her friend’s fiance) and is now supporting kidnappers as well.

Some questioned why the actress is still relevant and getting work, despite having problematic takes on repeat.

Some fans also seemed to lose faith in her after this statement.

The actress is yet to comment on the reaction to her statement. What do you think of her latest foot-in-mouth moment?


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