Humaima-Dua likely to follow Feroze’s footsteps


Humaima Malik and Dua Malik, sisters of Feroze Khan, are likely to follow their brother’s footsteps towards Islamic teachings and quit showbiz.

Speaking at ARY News, Khan indicated that Malik sisters will be announcing something big in the near future. Khaani famed actor observed a huge change in his sisters since he announced to part ways with the world of glitz and glamour.

On the other hand, Dua recently posted a picture on her Instagram donning hijaab which attracted people in numbers. Her fans were curious to know if she is also going to quit showbiz after Khan.

Humaima also congratulated her sister on wearing a Hijab and prayed to Allah for the guidance towards the right path.

Earlier, she also came out to support his brother’s decision to leave showbiz for Islamic teachings.



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