‘We are uneducated, music was the only way of success for us’ Justin Bibis


21-years-old Sania and 18-years-old Muqaddas aka Justin Bibis shared how music changed their life.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Justin Bibis said music was the only way that could make them successful.

“Since we were not educated, we didn’t dream big on becoming successful in other professions,” they said.

“Coming from a musical background, music was the only way for us to become successful,” they added.

In 2015, Justin Bibis went viral on social media while singing Justin Bieber’s famous song ‘Baby’. Their english accent and powerful voice gathered immense attention on the internet.

To this overnight fame, Justin Bibis revealed how some of their family members were upset from it.

“Our extended family doesn’t view education as a positive aspect. They don’t even let men continue their education, the singers shared.

“So, our this fame also made them unhappy. They even taunted us for this,” added the singers who are the nieces of renowned Pakistani singer Naseebo Lal.

Justin Bibis recently collaborated with Hasan Raheem in Coke Studio’s song ‘Peechay Hutt’.


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