So what is ImmuniTEA (Herbal Relief Tea) by WB Hemani?


WB by Hemani is Pakistan’s first brand to launch a ‘herbal relief tea’ for COVID-19 patients– an herbal tea claiming to comprise a blend of powerful healing herbs, which is rapidly becoming the talk of the town.

Apparently, the tea helps in strengthening one’s immunity and also helps one to stay fortified from viruses. Judging from the endorsements by not just the general public who were affected by Covid-19 and did the course of the tea, but also by celebrities like Shafahat Ali, NidaYasir and Yasir Nawaz, the tea has the undeniable ability to perk up one’s flagging spirits.

But, why should that come as a surprise in today’s world, which is increasingly turning towards ayurvedic and herbal remedies in a desperate attempt to find alternate treatments to allopathic medicines?

Check out the video to know about how our body's Immune System works and how WB by Hemani's New IMMUNITEA HERBAL…

Posted by WB Stores on Wednesday, 17 June 2020

The latter, after all, invariably take a toll on one’s health in one way or the other because of their inevitable side effects. On the other hand, herbal medicines are relatively safe, and have little or no serious side effects. We see our neighboring countries India and Sri Lanka relying heavily on herbal medicines to treat every ailment from hair fall to infertility, and from minor diseases to fatal ones.

So, it is a welcome development that Pakistan has also joined the bandwagon in a big way now, and has produced something natural and organic which is actually helping people during this terrifying pandemic.

So, let’s take a look at this so-called tea that is suddenly being touted as a wonder natural medicine. For one thing, the people behind it – a reputable company dealing in herbal products – make no bones about the fact that it tastes simply awful! They blatantly announce that it is best had with honey, as that makes the taste more palatable, and that children under 11 years should not drink it.

Journey of Hope

Watch to know the 'Journey of Hope' & story behind the making of IMMUNITEA HERBAL RELIEF TEA by honourable CEO Mustafa Hemani & Fakhar-e-Alam.#BeResponsible #StayHomeStaySafe #HemaniCares #SehatmandAurMehfoozJahan #WBbyHemani #HemaniHerbal

Posted by WB Stores on Thursday, 25 June 2020

But regardless of the taste, it has to be had for seven days, twice a day. If you can brave the taste, it claims it will build your immunity, protect you from viral infections, and if you are already infected will help against respiratory difficulties.

Is that possible, one may ask skeptically? Yes, it is. Not only research, but first-hand experiences and case histories have shown that alternative medicine not only works, but is the desired option to go for because of its numerous benefits – not the least of which is that they are organic, and cost-effective. The same is the case with ‘Herbal Relief Tea’ for Covid-19, and I for one, am an eye-witness to its healing effects — for, after watching Dr. Umm-e-Raheel’s session on-line, regarding the tea, I recommended it to a friend to use.

He purchased it online from Hemani’s page, and gave it a shot. He hated the taste but felt instantly better, so was willing to brave the entire course – it comes in a kit with 14 tea bag sachets and a bottle of a blend of herbal essential oils, a few drops of which is recommended to be put in hot water for steam inhalation. Thank God, he has not only recovered now but is also feeling much better mentally – it seems the herbs also have ingredients that help fight depression! So, go for it guys – you won’t regret it!

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