‘Meat The Cheese’ Lahore melts taste buds of American travel vlogger


Pakistani food has often melted the hearts of foreigners, be it, overseas cricketers or vloggers, all take away food memories from the country with them.

A country, having rich food culture, has attracted foreigners with desi dishes most of the time but it certainly has started gaining popularity in fast food.

An American travel vlogger Mac Candee is currently in Pakistan for travel vlogging and he has a massive following on his social media page named World Nomac. He recently went to ‘Meat The Cheese’ in Lahore and guess what he said about the Cheesy Meat burger there.

“I am in love with this massive cheesy meat burger and I have never eaten such a burger anywhere else in the world,” the vlogger said in his Youtube video.

His review about the burger, later on, gained huge attention on social media with people queuing up about what ‘Meat The Cheese’ burger has to offer for foodies.

You can check the review of Cheesy Meat Burger on Youtube at World Nomac.


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