‘I miss Amma’ Mahira Khan shares childhood memories


Mahira Khan recalled how her mother used to sing lullabies to make her sleep as she had sleeping issues as a child.

Khan posted an animated video featuring lines of Coke Studio’s ‘Nindiya Re’ on her Instagram and shared how the song made her remember her mother.

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“What I do miss, is my Ama singing to me when we were little. That used to put me to sleep right away,” she wrote.


The actress revealed that she had sleeping issues and being a child with ambitions to become an actor, she used to imagine her dreams coming true.

“Ever since I was a child I’ve had a sleeping issue.. or at least that’s what I was told. All I remember is, waiting for the night to come so that everybody else would fall asleep and I would have the night all to myself,” she shared.

“I used to dream with my eyes wide open – imagining God knows what all. Acting in a film, winning something in school, talking to the boy I had a crush on. I would play out different scenarios every night,” she maintained.

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