Actress Iman Aly suffers ‘Multiple Sclerosis’, she reveals on social media


Famed actress of Bol and Mah-e-Mir Iman Aly revealed that she has been battling with an untreatable disease called ‘Multiple Sclerosis’ for the last 15 years.

Iman took to Instagram to finally break her silence on a disease through which she is surviving for years now. She called it an unknown disease among common people.

“I was at the peak of my career when I came to know about this disease. A disease that is not much familiar among people. It is called ‘Multiple Sclerosis’, an untreatable disease to date,” said Khuda Kay Liye star in a video. “My body started to get numb during the shoot, I thought it was the usual fatigue, but the reality was something else,” she added.

Maya shared the pain and anxiety she went through over these all years but she remained determined to not give up. It is very difficult to live with Multiple Sclerosis. Sometimes while reading a script, things start going blurry and the fatigue doesn’t go away after even 8 hours of sleep, but I never gave up. I did continue my work and I am still doing it” she highlighted. 

It must be noted here that Iman is the daughter of late actor Abid Ali. She made her film debut in 2007 with Khuda Kay Liye. She will be once again on the big screen this Eid-ul-Fitr with ‘Tich Button’.


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