TV show host turned actor Fahad Sheikh believes that a person should do everything and anything he wants to do in his life. “If you feel anything by heart, do it, at least once in life, because you won’t get it again,” told the Mubarak Ho Beti Hoi Hai drama actor.

Sheikh started his career as a host of street fashion show called ’11 Number,’ which was quite popular among youth. “They wanted me to continue the show but I had done it enough,” he told. “People still ask me about it and I am happy that I did it,” he added.

After hosting, Sheikh followed his interest of fashion designing and launched his own brand. “I started a clothing brand and felt good about it,” he shared. “I don’t give it much time now but the brand is still doing well,” he added.

After clothing brand, Shaikh found interest in music and hence, released a few video songs.

Not getting much satisfaction from his singing career, he jumped into acting and that’s where he struggled the most. “I have struggled a lot to get into dramas and do not want others to go through the same. There must be a platform where anyone can go and give audition to get into acting.”

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“I started my acting career from HUM TV and was unknown to the world outside,” he told. “Now my whole career is with ARY,” he added.

After Mubarak Ho Beti Hoi Hai, Sheikh is starring in another project of Big Bang Entertainment called Meraas. The drama serial is a comeback of Sawera Nadeem and also stars Mohsin Abbas Haider, Saboor Aly, Qavi Khan and Noor ul Hasan in leading roles.

“You mostly play a good guy or bad but in Meraas, my character is quite different,” Shaikh told about his role in drama. “He starts as an innocent guy, who wants to marry Saboor but as it grows, the character stands up in front of everywhere and becomes the centre point of the drama,” he added.

Meraas on-airs on ARY Digital on every Thursday at 09:00pm.


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