‘Meri Khabren Automatically Banjati Hain’ Meera


Meera said she neither created controversies nor wanted to be indulged in a controversial moment publicly ever.

Speaking in Time Out with Ahsan Khan on Express Tv, Meera said controversies related to her become automatically.

“Meri Saari Khabren Automatically Banjati Hain [Everything turns into the news on its own]. Seriously, sometimes I wish I’d generate news myself,” she laughed.

“The biggest, however, includes a video, and a marriage. They are far from the truth,” she claimed.

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While talking about her acting career, Meera said she always wanted to become an actor. “I wanted to be an actor since birth and I was very good at my studies too. But an achiever, no. I failed sometimes and still do,” she shared.

Meanwhile, Meera also responded to a query about her favorite male actors. “Shaan and Moammar Rana are my favorites, also I like Saleem, Humayun Saeed and Sheryar Munawar,” she revealed.

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