The nominations for Lux Style Awards have indubitably created a buzz all around, and the reactions vary from utter disappointment to extreme delight. Amongst those who were left displeased with the choice of nominations was Mohsin Abbas Haider, who shared how much his show Meri Guriya deserved a spot in there.

The actor and singer got nominated for his song Na Jaa, which was released this year, but a nomination for the highly acclaimed show, Meri Guriya, was nowhere to be found. Haider’s performance in the show gained massive appreciation from the crowd, however, he was left puzzled about why it wasn’t nominated.

“It was a huge success in the industry, and got desirable ratings. It also sparked conversation and created a buzz. People believed that Dabeer’s character deserves an Oscar and that it should get worldwide recognition and ample nominations for the rest of the cast,” he said, while talking about the apparent impact of the show.

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“Now that it hasn’t gotten nominated, a lot of people are arguing how it was supposed to be for awareness, and hence, doesn’t need any awards. And I agree with that. The purpose behind the show was something else entirely,” he added.

The show managed to highlight the taboo subject of child abuse, while also succeeding in denouncing the actual paedophile rapist Haider’s character was based on. However, Haider had previously mentioned how the show was for his daughter, but his statement has been moulded in the media into many different versions.

“I have explained this in so many interviews, and it baffles me to see how many times I get grilled over one sentence. I did that show for my daughter because I could empathise with the feelings of a father who loses his child. My daughter died a natural death, and I am full of sorrow over that, but if my daughter had faced an incident as such, god forbid, then obviously that would’ve heightened the pain,” he said.

“So, I did the show as my responsibility as a father. If people are trying to manipulate the purpose of the show by sparking controversy with the awards, then that seems like imbecilic behaviour,” he added.

Coming to the topic of the awards, the actor expressed how it is all about the need of getting appreciated, and nothing more. He felt the lack of proper recognition from the industry is what left his disappointed, despite their being enough appraisal from the crowd.

“As far as the LSA awards and its nominations are concerned, [I understand that] there is a whole team that decides and puts in a lot of effort into it. To be honest, my director was extremely excited at the prospect of getting a nomination, as obviously, we also yearn for acknowledgement. When you put your best into something, it is important to get appreciation for it as well,” he said.

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Haider also highlighted how the Pakistani entertainment award shows are scanty, and how everyone depends on LSA to get recognition. “We have a limited number of award shows here, as some are restricted to their channels. With LSA, I feel they should be for everyone, and that everyone should get the appreciation they deserve,” he said.

And once again, the actor stressed upon the reason behind his let-down. “I wrote that it’s a huge disappointment because it is disrespectful if the industry doesn’t appreciate [or neglects] something which garnered monumental appraisal within the audience. My point was to highlight how we achieved our purpose, and that the industry should have strived towards giving it a token of appreciation,” he said.

“Even if a tea boy who has contributed to the serial sees the content gaining admiration, he will feel ecstatic. Otherwise, it would only lead to demotivation of the whole team. I have been working in the industry for thirteen years, and I have received multiple nominations and if I haven’t received an award then it doesn’t mean that I have stopped working, or that my work is flawed. It’s not just about the award, it’s about the pain that comes with the neglect and disregarding the content, and that’s what left me disappointed,” he said.


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