Mohsin Abbas Haider spills beans on his upcoming projects


Mohsin Abbas Haider is making comeback on Tv screens with his upcoming drama serial ‘Ghamandi’ and film ‘Once Upon A Time in Karachi’. Both starters will go out for the audience in near future.

Following the immense public interest in knowing what Mohsin is up with his new projects after an unprecedented gap, reached out to him to talk more about his upcoming releases.

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Tell us something about your upcoming drama serial ‘Ghamandi’, feels like an evil story based on its name?

No, it is not an evil story but it is a cute love story that will make people emotional at its fullest. You haven’t seen such an extreme level of love in any drama ever and I am sure it portrays a real-life story of how a childhood love grows up. My character in this drama touches the levels of ‘Ishq-e-Haqiqi’ and I am sure the audience will like it.

What makes ‘Ghamandi’ different from typical Pakistani dramas, will people see something different in it?

I think an aura of story-telling is something that makes your drama different from the rest of the content, otherwise, every other story is out now in Pakistan. We have tried to put in our efforts to portray a true love story in a different manner which you will surely observe on your TV screens.

By the way, your movie ‘Once Upon A Time In Karachi’ is also in the pipeline to release. We have seen its trailer, seems like a much anticipated action-cum-revenge story, we would like to listen more about it and obviously your character too?

Absolutely right, it is an action-cum-revenge story which also covers love and emotions. I think 90% of Pakistani people will relate to this story. We have tried to shape this film in quite a different genre to develop the tastebuds of our audience.

Besides, ‘Once Upon A Time in Karachi’ will lift the parallel cinema concept in Pakistan. This film’s success would be a great booster for me, otherwise, at least I will have something to cheer for contributing my part in promoting the Parallel cinema in our country.

When will we expect ‘Once Upon A Time in Karachi’ in Cinemas as the situation from COVID-19 has got better now?

The film was all set to release but unfortunately, COVID-19 brought everything at a standstill. It is almost final to release and I hope the makers will start planning for it as soon as cinemas open across the country.

As of now, there are other films too to release sometime this year, any special occasion to release ‘Once Upon A Time in Karachi’?

As far as I know the director, he will not go for any special occasion for this film’s release. I think the film is all set to release with almost everything being done, so yes, you will see it soon in cinemas.

Mohsin, how difficult was it to manage a couple of projects at the same time?

To be honest, it was tough for me. It was my first experience doing two projects at a time but I really enjoyed it. Both the projects were very interesting and offered by closed people so I couldn’t deny doing them.

However, I have asked ADs of both the projects to manage release dates as I don’t want any clash of release time between them.

Has web-series trend across the world attracted you?

I haven’t really watched any web-series so far so I can’t make any comment on it until I watch something by myself. But, yes I have heard some very good reviews related to the content people usually get to see in web-series.

And, it is good to see Pakistan moving towards web-series which provides plenty of opportunities to upcoming talent. I hope this industry flourishes in Pakistan too like in other countries.

Any plans to do a web-series in the near future?

Yes, there was one ‘Badshah Begum’ on which we were working before the COVID-19 outbreak. As soon as the situation gets better from the widely spread virus and our director Rafay Rashidi comes to Pakistan, we will once again start working on this project from the very start.

Recently, Churails, the first-ever Pakistani web-series went out, have you watched it?

No, I haven’t.

‘Churails’ featured bold content based on women empowerment and it was the main reason behind all the backlash. Do you think such content goes on in Pakistan?

I have read reviews on ‘Churails’ but again as I said I haven’t watched it so can’t make any comment on why it faced criticism until I watch it by myself.

Have you watched immensely famous Turkish drama serial, Ertugrul?

No, I haven’t. Will this society accept me? Hahaha….

What do you think, is it the right time to get inspiration from Ertugrul and make dramas based on our history, though there is a difference in production level?

As far as I remember, we have made so many dramas based on our history in the past. I heard an interview of Humayun Saeed aiming to work on such dramas. I think the same, we should attempt to make dramas on our history as we all know that now we have enough recourses for high-quality production.

We just need the right people at the helm, right in the sense who deliver correct information to the next generation. Ertugrul’s success has proved that our people want to see such content, just need creativity and the right information.

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