Nadia Jamil may be away from the limelight, but she doesn’t shy away from getting ger point across. The actress recently made waves with her appearance on Samina Peerzada’s talk show, when she decided to distance herself with the brand that endorsed it. Moreover, her interview really gave an in-depth look on what she had been up to all these years.

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While talking about her career, Jamil revealed that meeting Yash Chopra had been the turning point in the span of her profession. The director is notable for producing many hits in Bollywood, including the iconic Veer Zaara. Interestingly, Jamil was offered a role in the movie, which then went to Rani Mukherjee, and the actress talked about what made her drop it.

“The turning point in my career was when I met Yash Chopra, Veer-Zaara was about to happen. My mother was telling me she’d come with me or take care of my children, my son was two months old then, but I knew that if I moved in this direction now it would become an addiction which I would be unable to leave. It would shape the kind of mother I would become,” she said.

“I had to choose between being a mom or an actress but there isn’t even a comparison between the two. So I turned it down, however, I became very close to Yash Chopra and his family in the process,” she added. Jamil has always been vocal about motherhood and her love for children, and is often seen raising her voice for issues pertaining to child abuse.


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