Viral girl Nimra Ali apologizes for anti-Hindu comments


Pakistan’s latest social media sensation Nimra Ali landed in hot water after she made anti-Hindu comments during a live show.

Nimra, a teenage girl from Lahore, went viral on social media after her candid cum excitement-filled interview engaged thousands of netizens. In the interview, Nimra shared how she always wanted to be featured on Tv, and finally, a dream came true for her.

A lot of people talked about her confidence, liveliness, and humor in front of the camera. Following immense fame in a short span of time, Nimra was called upon different tv channels for interviews.

But, it took no longer for the famed girl to find herself in trouble after making controversial comments regarding the Hindu religion.

A Pakistani Hindu social activist named Kapil Dev pointed out on Twitter that how Nimra made fun of his religion during a live show and also criticized the anchors for not correcting her despite knowing the sensitive minorities issue in the country.

Replying to the Twitter user, Nimra apologized for her comments and clarified she was copying a Pakistani drama character.

Her apology was accepted and people asked her to be careful with such things in the future.

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