Astounding everyone with her powerful performance in Khamoshi this year, Zara Noor Abbas is bound to soar high in the near future. If you hadn’t gotten enough of Arsala, there’s no need to fret, as this lovely starlet will soon be gracing the big screen for the first time. Bagging a supporting role in Asim Raza’s Parey Hut Love, Abbas is brimming with high hopes and positivity, and we got the exclusive lowdown on what it was like for her.

Being said that, the actress couldn’t stop gushing about her role, which is all kinds of spicy and wild. “My character is called Shabbo, and she is all kinds of patakha and masala,” she said. “I can’t disclose much but I love the character, and I am very happy to make my debut with Asim Raza and with Sheheryar [Munawar].”

Moving on, she mentioned she came to know of it through the lead actor, who told her all the right words to make her sign the film. “I still remember when Sheheryar called me for the film, he said Zara I gotta tell you, you are going to look lovely!” she laughed, praising her co-star and the whole film, which has been shot beautifully across the locations of Turkey and Kashmir.

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On the subject of co-stars, we just had to know about her experience with Ahmed Ali Butt, who seems like an amusing personality on-screen. “Ahmed Ali Butt is fabulous. He’s not only funny on-screen, he’s actually funny off-screen as well as always,” she gushed. She also mentioned how she thought someone so quick-witted would come off as nerve-racking, but she did not feel that with Butt. “As it was my debut, Ahmed gave me a lot of room to explore and say the punchlines how I wanted to. He has been very supportive in all of this,” she remarked.

There’s no doubt that the entire cast is lovely, and Raza’s work tends to sit well amongst the viewers, especially the youth. Explaining more about the film, the actress hinted at how it explores life in different colours, probably like the director’s debut, Ho Mann Jahan. “Asim’s niche, that is the celebration of life, will be found amply in this film,” the actress stated. “This film has been a great experience, and has been shot beautifully,” she added.

We have already seen Abbas giving her all on the small screen, so one does wonder how different the transition from TV to film must be. “It wasn’t difficult, it was actually very nice,” she enunciated, explaining how dramas have about ten to twelve scenes per day, which can be tiresome. “Movies have two scenes in a day, and you get to relax a lot. And it gives you time to think about dialogue delivery and all,” she explained, reminiscing over her enjoyable experience.

All of this film talk really left us wondering if we would ever see her sharing screen space with her husband, Asad Siddiqui, to which she responded positively. But the actress majorly wants to collaborate with another actress the most. “I want to work with Mahira Khan, like face to face,” she said. “Mahira’s also a part of this film, and I don’t have any scenes with her, but I wish I can perform with her and in front of her. She is a beautiful person,” she exclaimed. We feel you, Zara.

The actress also added how she would love to work with Humayun Saeed, and we can’t help but picture how good they will look together on-screen. While we all wait for casting directors to take notice of this, we will eagerly keep our eyes peeled for the lovely Shabbo in Parey Hut Love!


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