Netizens think Khalil already knew about Bill-Melinda separation


One of the biggest news of 2021 came in when Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Ann announced separation after 27 years of their marriage.

The separation of multi-Billionaire couple shook the world and people left guessing the reason behind this surprising news. This separation gets hype in Pakistan as well because here Bill Gates is a household name when it comes to giving examples related to being rich.

Meanwhile, a video clip from Hum Tv’s drama serial ‘Tau Dil Ka Kya Hua’ written by Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar went viral on social media. The short clip follows a conversation between Hajra Khan’s character and Ayeza Khan’s. “Even when a man’s pocket is empty, he’ll put his wife’s loyalty in his pocket and say ‘I am the richest man’,” Hajra read the dialogue.

“I swear upon you, if Bill Gates’ wife was to run away with someone else, it’ll seem as though he is the poorest man in the world,” she added.

Following the video, people are convinced of the surprising prediction by drama writer Khalil two years ago.

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