OurFoodGuru.com, Karachi’s new Food Ordering & Delivery Services


OurFoodGuru.com is a new Food Ordering & Delivery Services launched in Karachi aimed at providing convenient and quality food delivery services to the doorstep of the customer, in the most efficient way. Also, the only food delivery company who delivers food from Anywhere to Anywhere in Karachi.

At OurFoodGuru.com empowers restaurants to deliver the delicacies to the customer, irrespective of the areas in Karachi. Customers have the convenience to order through Website or Call Center, with the option of Contactless Delivery. In these testing times, Multiple vacancies are available to support the much deserving and talented.

Shedding light on the services offered by OurFoodGuru.com, the Founder and CEO, Anika Zain Effendi during the launch said that it provides customers with exceptional, top-tier service and impeccable hygiene standards.

“OurFoodGuru.com is a service for people who want to experience quality, and believe in enjoying food at their convenience. The product and its functionality is designed for customers, they can conveniently connect with our team of professionals, who are well-trained to cater to their requirements and ensuring convenience,” the founder said.

She further said that OurFoodGuru.com is a Pakistani brand at heart, which brings experience and learning of our values, traditions, and culture. “We look forward to sharing much more and enjoy with our people of Pakistan.”


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