Looking back at the world of advertising, one can easily deduce that Telenor has always managed to think outside the box. Their latest crusade is no different, as Telenor proves to be the finest model of innovative word play with their new billboard.

Hoisted on a central junction in Rawalpindi, the billboard is aptly placed between two other billboards claimed by Zong and Jazz, Telenor’s biggest competitors. What makes it stand out is a fierce Sohai Ali Abro posed in the centre pointing left and right, with the tagline Na Daien Na Baien… Seedha Telenor 4G Par Aaein plastered over it, encouraging the onlookers to ignore everything else and swiftly join their 4G party.

Telenor is rapidly winning hearts with this witty retort, as this marketing technique is straight up never seen before. With this subtle jab at its competitors, it shows that competition does not always have to be vicious. It can be fun and humorous while keeping the spirit of a challenge alive. Like always, Telenor once again succeeds in communicating with its consumers in millennial terms, ensuring maximum engagement.

The clever placement of the billboard is a massive joy for the roadsters, and the effort is being applauded all over social media. Looking at it is such a visual treat that the hashtag #NaaDaienNaaBaien is on its way to become a mild phenomenon, with full props to Telenor’s entertaining way of trolling.

Here’s how people are taking it on Twitter;



We barely come across unique marketing strategies in Pakistan, but Telenor evidently carries out their stunts in a well-planned and duly placed manner. It uses every given opportunity to enable its consumers to make the best use of their high speed 4G data and thrive in their digital life. Ensuring long term loyalty, we would love to see more of these brilliant campaigns in the future.


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