‘Pakistan is 6th most dangerous country for women,’ Sharmeen tells PM Khan


International awards winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinnoy shared that Pakistan is the sixth most dangerous country for women.

While reacting to PM Imran Khan’s statement regarding Pakistani society being more respectable towards women than Western countries, Sharmeen asked the premier to correct his facts.

“Know your facts sir because they speak louder than feelings,” she said, while adding some statistics about rising female abuse cases in Pakistan.

PM Khan appeared on PBS NewsHour in an exclusive interview on Wednesday. The PM clarified his stance on his previous statement about women’s clothes leading to temptation in a society like Pakistan.

“Look Judy, the one who commits rape, is solely responsible for it. So let’s be clear about that,” he told the program host. “No matter what a woman wears or how provocative she is, the person who commits rape is responsible. The victim is never responsible. My comments were taken out of context,” PM Khan mentioned.

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