‘No day is complete without Falak’s flower’ Sarah Khan


Sarah Khan and her husband Falak Shabbir often make rounds on social media for showing love for each other and sharing it with their fans.

If you go through Sarah and Falak’s social media accounts, you will find a series of pictures in which Falak expressed his love to Sarah with a flower. And, their fans mostly follow this typical picture collection.

While talking to BBC Urdu, Sarah shared how important role Falak’s flower plays in her daily routine. “Falak has his own way of expressing love to me. He presents flowers to me daily and to be honest it makes my whole day. Sometimes when he doesn’t give me a flower, it feels like the day is incomplete, there is something missing,” she expressed.

Sharing her thoughts on social media, Sarah said internet users get to see what people want to show them. “I think social media connects you with your fans. Whatever you want to show them, they will see it. Otherwise, something I do not want to share them, they won’t see it, simple,” she said.

“We post our pictures on social media to get connected with our fans. In fact, we put everything related to our marriage on social media just to be connected with our fans. I think this is something only you can control,” she concluded.

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