‘Pakistan Tv may not be ready for something like Mrs. & Mr. Shameem’ Saba Qamar


Saba Qamar thinks that her upcoming web series named ‘Mrs. & Mr. Shameem‘ may not suit Pakistan television as local content is yet to accept something so progressive and challenging.

Speaking on her upcoming project that will air on Indian online platform Zee5, Saba said Mrs. & Mr. Shamim is not bold but it will take time to take such content on Pakistani Tv.

“Perhaps, not yet. I don’t approve of the content on TV right now,” Saba responded to why Mrs. & Mr. Shamim wasn’t made for Pakistani television.

“It’s a sad truth but even I only watch TV when my drama is being aired. Everything has its time though and as much as we are trying, we can’t touch upon such topics right now. We have some restrictions and I respect that. They’ve made Udaari, Cheekh, Baaghi, so they’re taking it one step at a time. A few years back, even this was unthinkable. I hope there comes a day when we can talk about effeminate men like Shameem and other tabooed topics,” the actor explained.

Sharing briefly about the film, Saba said Mrs. & Mr. Shamim is a family drama based on a character which relates to everyone.

“It is not bold, it’s sensitive. It is a family drama and it will be relatable for everyone watching. This is a story from within our surroundings, we just never pay attention to them outside of our comic reliefs,” she shared.

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