Cyber bullying is one of the most condemnable and consolable act seen these days. Celebrities especially are on the target and people enjoy doing it either way. Normally they take social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) to impose their thoughts on people by giving comments, reviews on the way of living, pictures, etc.

Interviewing the sensational Noor Hassan and the gorgeous Sanam Chaudhry, we talked about the issue, and they felt really bad about it. The on-screen couple worked a several times together in dramas naming Tere Mery Beech on Hum TV and Gar Maan Reh Jaye on Express. The newly released movie which is also their debut on Big Screen, Jackpot is their third project alongside.

Since their first drama, they became very good friends as told by Chaudhry. Hassan assertively discussed the matter about their friendship which people, at first sight, take as a relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend. It’s been a general concept of the society seeing the two together. He emphasizes the fact that a girl and a boy can be friends regardless of being in a relationship or a husband and wife. He loves to have a friend like Sanam, and he respects that she is in his life.

“Sanam is my best friend and I feel her friendship is the best thing that God has given to me but I feel sorry about people, our mindset should be changed. People need to grow, think big and think good,” he told.

Sanam Chaudhry added that whenever she uploads a picture with a guy, people refer her as his girlfriend and comments they should get married. She said she loves to share their moments not because they are the couple but because they are best friends and they are proving it. “Whenever I post picture with Noor Hassan, people start commenting, you guys look so beautiful together, get married,” she shared. “We love to share our moments with you all but it doesn’t mean everything we are uploading because we are couple. Me and Noor are best friends and we are proving it,” she added.

The co-stars talked about the wedding pictures excreted out from the movie song which got exclusively viral as they have married secretly.

Agreeing with the certainty that we really should stop being a pessimist and stop responding to the things negatively.


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