‘People used to taunt us on age after seeing our love chemistry’ shares Samina-Manzar


Celebrity couple Samina Ahmed and Manzar Sehbai shared their pre-marriage love story and it will surely give you a feel of a young couple.

In Nida Yasir’s Ramadan special show, Samina disclosed that how their love story continued on phone conversations.

“Our pre-marriage love story was similar to young couples,” Samina shared. “After we understood each other well and decided to marry, Manzar went to his hometown Berlin. So, we used to talk on phone just like young couples,” she added.

However, Manzar intervened in the conversation and highlighted how youngsters used to feel awkward about them.

”People used to taunt on our age and we even didn’t care what people thought about us. But, still their reaction just because of our age was surprising,” he concluded.

Manzar (71) and Samina (74) tied the knot in 2020 during COVID-19.


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