‘PTV should come forward to produce dramas like Ertugrul’ Faisal Qureshi


Faisal Qureshi urged Pakistan Television (PTV) to make efforts to produce dramas like ‘Drilis: Ertugrul’ which gained immense popularity in the country.

Speaking to behtareen.pk, Qureshi said that PTV should create opportunities for local people by producing its own content rather than buying foreign drama serials.

“It is not a big deal if PTV makes efforts to produce dramas like Drilis: Ertugrul. We have our own history which can be shown to the people and it will surely attract healthy viewership,” said Qureshi.

“Shan Shahid highlighted the same point but his tweet was taken wrong and people started criticizing him. It is important to lift our own industry by providing opportunities with such big productions,” he reiterated.

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The actor underlined some facts behind Ertugrul’s immense popularity across Muslim countries. Few of them were huge production, heavy investment and government’s support.

“Drilis: Ertugrul is a huge production and a single episode’s cost is around PKR 5-6 crores. Besides this, they got the government’s support and President Rajjab Tayyab Erdogan himself visited sets during the shoot, you can also find videos of his visits on Youtube. This is the difference which made this drama so much popular” he highlighted.

“If our Prime Minister Imran Khan does such things, our media and people will start criticizing him. We need to be positive, especially towards our people who are making efforts to make country’s name” he lamented.

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