The Asia Cup, a big cricket tournament, is facing a big problem – rain. It’s been raining a lot in Sri Lanka, where the matches are supposed to happen. Because of this, many games had to stop or even cancel.

The head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Zaka Ashraf, had a talk with Jay Shah, the leader of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). They talked about how the rain messed up the Pakistan-India match in Sri Lanka.

Zaka Ashraf had an idea to fix the problem: move the rest of the Asia Cup matches to Pakistan. He said it might keep raining in Sri Lanka, and we should look at the weather there for the next days.

He also said that if India and Pakistan play against each other, they could do it in Dubai instead. He wants to make sure the rain doesn’t ruin this important tournament.

Jay Shah, the ACC President, said he’ll think about the idea. Because of the rain, the India-Pakistan match couldn’t finish, and now people worry that rain might affect the India-Nepal match.

The decision to move the matches to Pakistan or Dubai will be a big deal in cricket. It could help with the rain problem, but it might also make things more complicated in other ways. Cricket fans all over are waiting to see what happens. The Asia Cup, no matter where it happens, is always a big event that fans love.


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