Who doesn’t love seeing Pakistani representation on international platforms? I, for one, go into a fangirl moment whenever I see our local talent or accolades being celebrated on a global level. Our resident sweetheart, Malala Yousufzai, keeps making a name for herself with her earnest efforts for education around the world. This time, she’s featured on British rock band Coldplay’s documentary cover, titled A Head Full of Dreams.

After a long wait of what seems like forever, the band is finally convinced to release a documentary, which will feature live performances and backstage featurette. The artwork on the cover is like a psychedelic concoction of all the things that represent the band and what they love. The artist, Kristjana S. Williams, has included noticeable Coldplay iconography, like a street sign from 268 Camden Road, the apartment where the band had their first rehearsal, to an image of Chris Martin (the lead singer) with a vodka and cranberry.

Speaking about the documentary, the frontman was excited in every aspect of the word. “We wished to make the album that we’ve at all times dreamed of,” he said. “It’s similar to a dream come true, the entire thing. It was simply time for us to make an album about hope, love and togetherness,” he further added.

Coldplay has a massive fan following around the world. Their catchy indie-rock music is loved and appreciated all over South Asia, including Pakistan. And the band itself doesn’t shy away from expressing their love for the South Asian heritage. One of their previous chart toppers, Hymn for The Weekend, came into the spotlight mainly because of its music video being shot in India, and featuring Sonam Kapoor.

It’s too soon to tell how the fans will react to the documentary but the artwork, symbolising the band’s psychedelic aesthetic, is being well-loved by everybody on Instagram. And Yousufzai, being the world’s youngest Nobel prize laureate and a prominent activist, is a delight to see among the mass of things the band adores!


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