Hello Karachiites, are you looking for some new entertainment spot ? To be honest, we’re looking for some fun too, but there isn’t anything that would catch our interest.  As Karachiites, we understand finding entertainment in this gigantic city can be a pain in the back. Plus, whenever friends talk about planning a hangout, it usually ends up having lunch or dinner at some restaurant or Chai Café.

We crave quality recreational rides, games and entertainment. There is a lack of theme parks and amusement parks. The only good theme parks you can find in Karachi are Aladin Amusement Park, Super Space Karachi, Bounce Ocean Mall, Battlestation, Askari Park and also family membership clubs like Pavilion End Club. However, even if these few quality entertainment exists for Karachiites, the problem is that most of us can’t seem to find the time to visit these places.

So, what should an average Karachiite do to get some quality recreational activities?

Super Bus!

Pavilion End Club is bringing something fresh out of the box for fun seekers in Karachi and it is called Super Bus. It is a new entertainment arena that can actually move to anywhere in Karachi. It’s the ultimate theme park experience with wheels. Super Bus brings the entertainment in the funkiest way possible.

Here’s a little sneak peek inside of Super Bus!

Super Bus was made by the curators of Pavilion End Club keeping fun seekers in mind that can’t have recreational activities due to stringent routines and busy schedules because of their work life and academic life. Super Bus brings the most fun games in a quick and accessible way. Here are all the things you can find inside of Super Bus:

VR Games Arena

VR Games allows you to wear headset and have an immersive and interactive gaming experience.

Laser Maze Arena

In laser maze arena, players need to escape oncoming lasers from both side of the walls. The most agile and witty players will be able to win.

Karaoke Studio

In Karaoke Studio, become the singer you always wanted to be by simply singing your favorite songs by reading lyrics off the screen.

When is Super Bus coming to the streets?

Don’t worry, we got all the information that you need. Basically, Super Bus is having a grand launch party inside of Pavilion End Club. In this launch party, the public can have an idea about Super Bus and enjoy its rides and games. Plus, this launch party will be attended by some of the best vloggers on social media alongside some cool celebrities, so you know this thing is official to the core.  We will be attending this amazing launch party event

Befriend Super Bus

If you want to become friends with the coolest bus in town, simply visit Super Bus’s official Facebook page and let them know what’s up.



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