Singer and song-writer Momina Mustehsan has released her first single for Cornetto Pop Rock Season 2 titled Jee Liya. The song is written and composed by Abbas Ali Khan, the video is directed by Dawer Khan with Asad-Ul-Haq as the Executive Producer.

The Coke Studio famed singer writes an emotional letter with the release of the track to highlight her struggles.

“Just like everyone, I have had my fair share of struggles. At a point when I seemed to be at the highest high publicly, I was battling the lowest low internally. I fought past it. I had to struggle to write my own narrative, find my own identity, and continue to fight with myself to keep at it. Life is not a bed of roses, and that’s the beauty of it! It takes you up and brings you down – and then takes you back up! It’s just like a thrilling ride at an amusement park. The best we can do is to live every single moment!,” she wrote in the letter.

Momina Mustehan's new video song is out and here's is the BTS from the shoot. #MominaMustehsan #BehtareenPK

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The singer also talked about her new song. “Jee Liya is a song inspired from our stories of survival. I always aim to use my music as a medium to inspire people, to keep themselves going, strong and brave even in the light of negativity around them,” wrote Mustehsan. “If you have ever fallen down, lost hope, gathered yourself up and bravely moved on, Jee Liya is a song that will hopefully connect with you.” she added.

Jee Liya, is a song inspired from every individual’s’ story of survival. The lyrics of the song talk about how one should never stop living despite the odds and the theme for the video is finding happiness in small things in life despite all the hardships and obstacles that cross one’s path.

Watch below the music video of Momina Mustehsan’s Jee Liya:


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