It looks like the Meesha Shafi – Ali Zafar case might be coming to an end soon, as the Supreme Court (SC) has ordered early disposal and no further grants for needless adjustments. As per the SC’s orders, the case will be concluded within the previously prescribed time period by the Lahore High Court.  

The SC has also ordered Shafi and Zafar’s to cross-examine the witnesses on the same day, and that the statements of the witnesses are to be filed within seven days and sent to the respondent for further preparation.  

A couple of witnesses from Zafar’s side, including Baqir Abbas and Kinza Munir, have filed in their statements, deeming Shafi’s version of the story as ‘false’. 

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While on the other hand, Shafi has also served Zafar a legal notice for issuing ‘false and malicious’ statements against her on television and social media.   



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