In a recent television appearance, Shahid Afridi and Inzamam ul Haq exchanged a friendly banter over Asif Ali’s statement about hitting 280 sixes in a day, in the nets. When the talk show host brought up Ali’s claims, Afridi jokingly pretended to be impressed while Haq commented in a satirical manner how all his sixes land in test cricket only, not in the actual games.

Continuing the banter, Afridi quipped with how out of 280, he manages to hit 2 sixes in the game, followed by laughter from all the participants of the show.

Watch the clip below.

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On the other hand, in an interview with Geo TV, Ali claimed that his statement about the said number of sixes has been completely misinterpreted. He stated that he obviously cannot hit 150 sixes in a day, and explained that he actually practices hitting sixes in rounds of forty, which only allows for a maximum of fifteen to twenty shots.

“I am a human, not a machine that I will hit a hundred and fifty sixes in a day. My interview about practising 150 sixes a day was misinterpreted. I was practising sixes in a round of forty. How can I hit 150 sixes? A player can hit a maximum of fifteen to twenty shots. I try to bat according to my aggressive style,” he said.


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