‘Should convey rape victim stories in educative way’ Shahzad Sheikh


Shahzad Sheikh thinks Pakistani dramas and films should narrate rape victims stories to educate people out there.

Speaking exclusively to behtareen.pk, Sheikh said his upcoming drama serial ‘Phaans’ on Hum Tv is the story of rape victims and they have tried to be very careful while touching this sensitive topic.

“Rape cases are very prominent in Pakistan and we have seen rape victims being defamed often in our society. I know it is a sensitive topic but we have to highlight it in an educative way so that we can find the solution for it,” he said.

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Phaans is a story based on rape victims. It was really a tough challenge as we were supposed to be very careful about touching this topic. I am playing the character of an autistic boy and his typical relation with his reel family,” he shared.

Talking particularly about the character of a mentally challenged person, Sheikh said this role increased his acting graph.

“It was a challenging role for me to be honest because we had to take care of it completely. We couldn’t hurt anyone by making any mistake while playing such characters,” he said.

While sharing his work experience with Zara Noor Abbas in this drama serial, Sheikh said she supported him in playing this tough role. “I was very nervous when I opted for this role. But, luckily a very supportive team was around me and Zara backed me up a lot. It was a fun and learning experience while working with her,” he concluded.

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