Despite putting forward a phenomenal performance as Chammi in Aangan, Sajal Aly is definitely being missed on the silver screen. The starlet who made her film debut with Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hai alongside Feroze Khan, has high hopes from the current shift in filmmaking.

“Youngsters are now venturing into film-making. These fresh minds have left our neighbouring country and several others astounded with the kind of films they have been producing. Hence, in my opinion, the future of Pakistan film industry is very bright,” she said.

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As per her conversation with Express Tribune, the Mom actress is fully confident in the abilities of local filmmakers and is looking forward for them to gain international recognition.

“Today, we are looking up to various other countries but soon, we will see international film-makers approaching Pakistani artists and directors for their talent,” she said.

But on the side, she hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a comeback. “I am often offered films but I want to do something different. I will definitely work in films if I’m offered a stronger character,” she said.


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