‘Spread 1 minute awareness campaigns to control rape’ Nadia Jamil


Nadia Jamil expressed disappointment over yet another rape incident that took place with a 10-year-old little girl in Karachi’s area of Essa Nagri.

The veteran actor suggested running an awareness campaign on media platforms to control this rapidly increasing heinous crime.

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“Yesterday another 10-year-old little girl raped. I appeal to the media of Pakistan to spread awareness campaigns. We need to construct one minute public services messages & spread them on radio, TV & print. The threat of Rape exists in seminaries, on streets & inside homes,” she wrote.

Taking to your note, a minor was reportedly raped by her tutor’s brother at his home in Essa Nagri. The incident hyped on social media after residents held a protest before police took control of the area. This was the second such case in the area as before a little girl named Marwah was raped and killed by nearby male residents.

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