‘Rapists do not commit Rape by watching Tv’ Amna Ilyas


Amna Ilyas believes actors wearing short dresses or TV content is not the reason behind increasing Rape cases in the country.

Speaking to Voice of America, Amna said blaming actors or Tv industry for Rape cases is not correct as no Rapist watch Tv before committing a Rape.

“I want to say that our people are very ignorant. They have no idea that a rapist is mentally ill. It is not necessary for the man to commit an ugly act like rape by watching something on TV or on his phone. In fact, his thinking, his mindset is to blame,” she said.

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The actress said Rapes used to happen earlier too when there was no Tv and internet either. “Rape has been happening since the time when there was no television. Weren’t there rapes when actors didn’t appear on TV? My question is, what was inciting these men to rape at that time and I am sure no one will have the answer to this question,” she added.

It must be noted here that recently actors held protests against increasing rape cases across the country. Alongside people, public figures also demanded strict punishments for rapists.

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