‘I am successful because I work ba-wazu’ reveals Nauman


Nauman Ijaz revealed that he everytime performs wuzu before starting acting on the set.

In an interview with local publication, Nauman shared secret behind his success.

“I do my job in a religious manner. I perform wuzu before I start working. This is God’s blessing,” he shared.

“If my work is flourishing, it’s not because of me. It’s because of the fact that I work ba-wuzu. This is something I tell all the youngsters I work with,” he disclosed.

While going down to his memory line, Nauman shared that at one stage of his life, he decided to leave showbizz.

“Some 16-17 years ago, I became convinced of the fact that I should leave this line of work. That maybe God would not be pleased with it,” he recalled.

“I’d stand on the prayer mat and plead to God to get me out of this profession,” he further shared.


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