‘Educated person is always a class above anybody’ Nadia responds to criticism


Nadia Hussain went under a lot of criticism after she called new generation of models ‘uneducated’.

While responding to all the criticism, Nadia wrote about the importance of being educated in any field of life.

In a celebrity talk show, Nadia compared old models with today’s generation of model.

“The best was that back then, 70 to 80 percent of the models were from educated backgrounds. Everyone had a similar aspiration. That lot, it really was the best time. Afterwards, all kinds of girls became a part of the profession. There were no criteria, it was only about whether they could get permission. Where else are you going to get 40 models at once? Back in our day, we’d gather 20 girls for one show… [The new models] weren’t educated. They didn’t have class or a personality,” the actor-cum-model had said.


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