‘We should teach our children to not blame rape victim’ Mahira


Mahira Khan stressed the need of educating Pakistani children about rape victim-blaming and its after-effects for the long term.

Speaking in the podcast, Mahira said victim-blaming questions in Pakistan are so painful. “The minute that it happens, everybody and in the most educated households will say ‘Woh wahan kya kar rahi thi? Woh uska boyfriend tha? Woh wahan gayi kyun akelay?’ These are the wrong questions to ask,” the actor lamented.

“This is something that should be taught in schools, put on TV, there should be programs where children understand this. And this is how I feel that we can try to make a difference. The drama and the TV industry, I think we also can have a very big part to play,” she highlighted.

It must be noted here that Mahira has been vocal in avoiding victim-blaming in rape and physical abuse cases. She also criticized Prime Minister Imran Khan when he gave a statement regarding women’s clothes leading to temptation in society.

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