Theatre artists demand security from PM Imran Khan


Theatre artists across Punjab said they will come out on streets if Prime Minister Imran Khan-led government fails to provide them security.

According to several reports, a number of female theatre artists were molested and threatened by influential persons across the province. One of the victims was Hira Noor, a Lahore-based theatre artist, who was allegedly raped and tortured in Sahiwal.

“I was forced to fulfill unethical desires of theatre owner. On refusal, the owner entered my room with five other people after pack-up of our show. They beat me, molested me and gave me death threats,” Hira was quoted saying to Daily Pakistan.

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In view of these incidents, artists have written a letter to PM Khan asking for their security. The letter, sent by Qaiser Sana Ullah Khan – the chairman of Punjab Artists and Producers Association, urged the state’s head to address this issue as soon as possible otherwise all artists and organizers will come out on the streets to demand justice.

“In my letter, I have briefed PM about the difficult situation theatres have been facing off late,” Qaiser told Express Tribune. “We are taxpayers and the industry generates a lot of revenue annually for the entire country. It is the duty of the state to provide us security. We artists are ready to block roads and demand for security if necessary action is not taken,” he reiterated.

Remember, PM Khan recently chaired a meeting for resumption of the film industry. The premier also directed to plan a roadmap for flourishing cinemas in the country.

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