‘Topics of films can’t be restricted’ Yasir Hussain


Yasir Hussain responded to the queries related to his upcoming film ‘Javed Iqbal‘ based on a Pakistan’s most notorious serial killer Javed Iqbal.

While talking to BBC Urdu, Yasir gave an answer to people who questioned his upcoming film’s topic.

“I think topics of films can’t be restricted. Films can be made on any topic,” he shared. “We have seen a lot of international films who didn’t have any message. People have seen Squid Games, what message it gave?” he questioned.

Speaking about preparations as Javed Iqbal for the film, Yasir said it was an intense character with not so much data available about it.

“We didn’t have much data about Javed Iqbal. We saw a video of him after confessing his crime and from that video, I analyzed his character that was full of arrogance and pride,” he disclosed.

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