Mehwish Hayat is undoubtedly becoming the reigning queen of item songs in Pakistan, now that she has another fiery number to add to her list. Taking over the avatar of Gangster Guriya for the film Baaji has surely added another feather to Hayat’s cap, and has given people something to prattle over.

Sung by renowned Bollywood singer Sunidhi Chohan, Gangster Guriya shows Hayat in a thuggish attire, flaunting her curls with a devil-may-care attitude. We also see some killer dance moves that make you feel she is one of the few actresses who can pull off the essence of item songs in Pakistan. Sporting three different looks in different settings, the song is truly one to watch repeatedly if you are a fan of Katrina Kaif-esque dance numbers.

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Moreover, the song is written and choreographed by Osman Khalid Butt, who has surely upped the game for future entertainers but severely reeks of Bollywood influence. However, Butt had shared in an earlier interview that this song will feature Meera in it as well but fans were left disappointed. Maybe her part in the song is being conserved for the big screen.

It hasn’t been long since Hayat found herself as the target of social media critique, but it looks like this song has landed her in the midst of a hurricane once again. The song has awakened aggressive feelings in the audience, many of which have started expressing their views on social media.

As expected, Hayat is being criticised over receiving the Tamgha-i-Imtiaz, once again, and people everywhere are pointing out how this song goes against Pakistan’s culture in every way possible.

Some questioned how the censor board allowed this song to air on-screen.

While some felt this song ensured another medal for her.

A hot take out of all the reactions is that Hamza Ali Abbasi is being summoned to do something about it, as he is quite vocal about his hatred for item numbers.

In fact, some even feel that the actress should be boycotted completely.

While on the other hand, a few felt that the song and her portrayal in it was no big deal.

Well, by now we have established that a fiery song is always going to garner mixed reviews. And we’re here for it. Check out the song below, if you haven’t already!


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