In Pakistan, very often we witness clash between two leading titans of an industry who goes nuts over marketing and do whatever it takes to chin up among their audiences. From top celebrities to bhangra dances and from ‘aam aadmi k emotions’ to a bloody expensive HD movement, the advertising industry has done it all, JUST to prove – we are the one. Unavoidably, let’s call it either a good luck or ingenuity, there is always a winner and a loser, well yeah. An interesting brand war and certainly the most intense one in 2017 so far is between the titans of the beverage industry, Coke and Chai.

That is correct, Coca Cola recently released an ad that portrays their world famous drink as a morning refresher (read alternate for chai) in the Chai – loving Pakistan, I mean bro, seriously? Before I mention something else, I really do not understand why Coke would even compete with Chai knowing the fact that they are targeting their audience not in Mexico or Indonesia but in Pakistan, yes Pakistan!

I am myself not a chai or soda lover but having lived 26 years of my life in Pakistan I do know what Chai means to Pakistanis – It is their way forward and probably the most beloved drink across the country – no wonder why chai dhabas are always out of space, regardless of what season or temperature it is, Pakistanis just do not care when it comes to Chai – Chai, all the way dude!

Probably it would be too soon to say that the coke anti-chai campaign backfired or not, but having reading all those tweets and memes on social media, I must say, Coke just turned the tables itself as not just Tapal but the audiences itself has responded back to voice their love for Chai.

If you compare the frame by frame reference given below you will be able to see how Coke desperately continues to make it’s failed attempt in establishing itself to be consumed in the key moments of enjoying a cup of tea with your loved one like shown in the original Tapal Danedar TVC.

Just a coincidence or deliberate attempt, your say? #CocoCola #Tapal #BrandWar #TVC #Brands #Coke #Tea #BehtareenPK

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