Coca-Cola has always been associated with bringing happiness and amusement to its audiences’ lives with their unbelievably innovative efforts to engage their consumers and build a relation at a personal level. The brand has been the showstopper of the campaigns with the “Share a Coke” campaign huge success in redesigning the popular principles in the year 2017.

Coca-Cola has always been associated with sports and this time has done something of enormous importance for all the football lovers out there in Pakistan.

Pakistanis love cricket, that’s an undeniable fact but Football is no less. Pakistan has a huge fan following in football which can’t be ignored. Coke identified this and in order to also promote the soft image of Pakistan – have provided Pakistan with a platform to host exclusive FIFA Football World Cup Trophy 2018.

Being a third-world country, such activities are very important and will build and promote the positive image of Pakistan, internationally. Coke has been promoting Pakistan at international levels and being a multinational brand have always extended its support in the betterment of Pakistan with its initiatives.

Although Pakistan couldn’t be a part of the FIFA Football World Cup, the Pakistanis will get a chance to live and watch the dream come true as the Trophy will reach 91 cities in 51 countries – where Pakistan is one of them. A big thank you to Coke!
This special day will be on 3rd February, it will be the day when the Trophy will reach Pakistan.

Football is world’s most loved sport & this initiative is to celebrate that love with a bottle of Coca-Cola. People have been developing more and more fondness towards football and Pakistan may have a bright future in the sport. Talking about football with Coke is all about the adrenaline rush that the sport gives you!


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