We have been hearing a lot about Junoon’s reunion for many years. Last time, it was the lead vocalist Ali Azmat who gave a little hint, or rather wish of Junoon’s comeback. In November last year, he posted a status on his Facebook account and asked fans if they wanted to see them making a comeback with the original lineup.

Salman Ahmad did not respond during that time but just today, he tweeted the good news. “In 2018, I am producing a unique Broadway-style show which will pay tribute to three legends, Nazia and Zoheb Hassan, Junoon and Vital Signs. I’ve already been in talks with Zoheb, JJ’s sons, Momina Mustehsan, Asim Azhar, Irtaash and a few others,” he told in the video.

In another interview to The Express Tribune, Ahmad also confirmed that, “the classic Junoon line up is ready to take off in 2018. We’re doing it for the fans who deserve to see unity and hope once again.” He continued, “This reunion is celebrating 25 years of Junoon and the 20th anniversary of our album Azadi.

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