This last week, we reported how some of our showbiz celebrities were giving up on things they love and pointed out some of our observations. Their ‘giving up on things’ posts with same hash tag (i.e #SwitchedOff) everywhere left many of us in deep curiosity.

Fans were in shock and asking reasons to their favorite celebrities as to why they were switching off their activities.

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But now, it seems like that the mystery has been resolved as energy drink brand Sting has jumped into the scene to take the ownership and turn their #LifeKaSwitchOn. Sting has rightly aimed to power up energy level of people so that they find more strength in doing things they love.

Here’s how some of these celebrities are turning #LifeKaSwitchOn;

Gul e Rana star Feroze Khan is back into the gym with more power!

Mehreen Syed is back to Snapchat and Instagram and we are once again in love with her stories!

We are not sure if she will go to ‘Punjab’ or not but she is definitely back on the track!

Ayesha Omar is also back with a bang to celebrate summers!

We absolutely love this whole idea by Sting to turn #LifeKaSwitchOn and bring back our favorite celebrities to the game. This ‘superhero’ approach will surely going to be impactful for the brand and more importantly, for all of us.


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