World snooker champion Mohammad Asif records protest against government


Two-time World snooker champion Mohammad Asif is disappointed with the government’s reckless attitude towards his immense achievements and decided to not represent Pakistan at the international level for now.

Asif said that the government has been failed to acknowledge his achievements. “I am a world champion and have represented Pakistan at the international level. The Pakistani government has always made promises but there is nothing practical,” the current world snooker champion said.

Asif revealed that even he hasn’t got the prize money by the government which was announced in 2012 for winning his first-ever world title. “There is nothing left when you are not recognized by your country for what you have done. I have always represented Pakistan with honesty,” he said.

According to the details, the government of Pakistan has to pay around 2.5 crores to Asif which were announced on different occasions when the quest won the tournaments at the international level. He has announced to not represent Pakistan until the government pays attention to him and other snooker players.


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